Colorado Elk

Our Elk hunting takes place on private ranches with good 5 and 6-point bulls taken each year. Archery and Muzzleloader hunts are during the peak of the rut which makes for a very exciting hunt. Our rifle hunt is in early October and the elk are still bugling which makes for an excellent chance of taking a good bull.
Muzzleloader Elk and the early Rifle Elk hunts are by lottery drawing. So applications for these hunts need to be in by early April each year.

5 Day Archery Hunt
5 Day Muzzleloader Hunt
5 Day Rifle Hunts
1st Week (Draw Only License)
2nd & 3rd Week Guaranteed Licenses
Cow Elk Hunts
3 Day Hunt (Draw Only License)


Colorado Mule Deer

The best Mule Deer hunting to be found anywhere in the world.
Every year we take bucks over 200 inches and average in the mid 180’s. All hunts are done on Private Ranches and are managed for trophy class deer. These are 5-day hunts and are by lottery draw only. So if you are interested in these hunts you need to get with us and we will help you with the application process.
Our Archery hunters enjoy a 100% chance at Pope & Young Deer, and Muzzleloader hunters take some of the best deer taken each year. We take out two 5-day Rifle Deer hunts each year and again have a 100% harvest.
Archery hunts are done out of tree stands as well as Double Bull Blinds. Rifle and Muzzleloader hunts are primarily spot and stalk hunts.

(Licenses By Drawing Only)
3 Day Trophy Management Hunt
3 Day Management Hunt
5 Day Trophy Hunts


Colorado Black Bear

Black bear hunts are during the month of September and are by drawing only.  These are spot and stalk hunts on our private ranches. Hunts may be combined with a deer or elk hunt.

5 Day Hunts

Fallow Deer